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  • "Knowing yourself has become

    the most important asset to

    succeed in the 21st century."


    - Jonas Kehrbaum

  • ... nothing makes you more attractive to other people than

    a rock solid self-image -

    both in business and in personal life.

    Why is that?

    "The more self-aware you are as a person or business, the more effectively you can communicate with the world around. This in turn brings you in a position from which you, yourself, can actively influence and create the world around you vs. just passively reacting to it."


    You want to know EXACTLY who you are and what you are meant to do in this world?

    Maybe Jonas can help.

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  • Jonas is the speaker and coach for the next generation of international students.


    Jonas introduces new "thoughtware" to teenagers and high school graduates. He helps them master focussed introspection, so they can gain clarity on


    - what they don't like

    - which things they are naturally good at

    - which mental blocks could hinder them to move on

    - how they can take ownership for their own lives


    After having gained these insights, Jonas can help them to communicate all that more effectively with the world around them. This can leads to a better and more fulfilled career start.

    Jonas is the consultant

    for young companies who struggle to find their place in the world.

    Jonas has gained experience with entrepreneurship since 2012, when he started his first own business as an international student in the U.S. He has since grown his own international company Epro 360 with his team and gained experience as a business model and development and Design Thinking coach at SAP. Today, Jonas helps young companies with


    - identifying the core motivation that drives the team member

    - creating an external market overview and internal asset analysis

    - things which he has learnt NOT to do

    - his own network of entrepreneurs and coaches around the world.

  • Jonas Kehrbaum

    Mini Bio

    Jonas Kehrbaum grew up in Dortmund, Germany. In 2010, he left Germany to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Communications at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri. During his time in the U.S., Jonas pursued his passion for track and field on a sports scholarship. In 2013, he did a study abroad inception; this time circumnavigating the world on a ship with the Semester at Sea and Unreasonable at Sea program. That's here his life startet to shift dramatically.

    Jonas became passionate about entrepreneurship and one's inner potential. After his graduation in 2014, Jonas worked for SAP in Switzerland and Germany and a business model development and innovation coach. Today, Jonas spends most of his waking hours help students from all over the world reach their dream of studying abroad in the U.S. with his own company Epro 360. He is one of the three Co-Founders. That's also where he does most of his personal coaching. Every once in awhile, he finds himself giving a workshop about business model development, especially when one of his students also aspires to build his or her own company.

  • Packages

    Jonas will be your Coach for 9 months. You decide when to use up your personal time together.



    3 Hours, 20 Mins.


    485€ (3% off)

    instead of 500€



    6 Hours, 40 Mins


    940€ (6% off)

    instead of 1000€



    10 Hours


    1365€ (9% off) instead of 1500€

  • Clients/Companies Jonas has worked for

    Epro 360 Stipendien für ein komplettes USA Studium

    Epro 360 Global Education SL

    More than scholarship placement

    Epro 360 is the world's first U.S. scholarship placement agency that puts the focus on the personal and professional development of the student, rather than just the scholarship placement itself.


    Epro 360 ist die weltweit erste Stipendienvermittlung in die USA, die einen Fokus auf die persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung der Studierenden legt, anstatt sich allein auf die Vermittlung von Stipendien fokussiert.

    Sportstipendien USA

    Scholarbook GmbH


    Scholarbook has already helped more than 1,000 athletes in fulfilling their dream of a sports-scholarship. Thez are the only agency that provides free individual test preparation courses for all relevant admissiontests, which are perfectly tailored to the student-athletes's training schedule.


    Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing

    SAP SE is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional offices in 130 countries.

    Steel Industry

    ThyssenKrupp AG


    ThyssenKrupp AG is a European multinational conglomerate corporation based in Duisburg and Essen, Germany. The corporation consists of 670 companies worldwide.

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